Our Board

The Menlo Park-Atherton Education Foundation is a nonprofit organization led by district parent volunteers who raise funds to support innovation and education excellence for students at Encinal, Laurel, Oak Knoll, and Hillview. The MPAEF funds 29 additional best-in-class teachers and credentialed specialists in the arts, science, library and technology. It also promotes innovative education programs, guidance counselors, and professional development for teachers, so they can continue to provide an excellent educational experience.


Executive Board

Amy Coolican, Co-President
Stacey Wueste, Co-President
Jennifer Dahmus, Past President/Advisor
Susan Barker, Treasurer
Sara Rosenthal, Assistant Treasurer
Jessica Gilmartin, Secretary
Astor Toyos, Steward Co-Chair
Reed Moulds, Steward Co-Chair
Sarah Thayer, Steward Co-Chair
Jennifer Bartle, Envoy Chair
Colleen Cutcliffe, Jeannie Ritchie Grant Chair
Emily Record, Marketing
Tracy Morris, Communications
Jaime D’Alessandro, Business Co-Chair
Jennifer Birk, Business Co-Chair
Alison Poirier, Auction Event Co-Chair
Mary Grundy, Auction Event Co-Chair
Ben Ewers, Schoolhouse Rocks Run Co-Chair
Katherine Armstrong-Hochstetler, Endowment Chair

MPAEF Office Staff

Carrie Chen, Director
Kim Drury, Administrator
Susu Ribaudo, Administrator

Full Board

Amy Beim
Amy Redell
Ashley Honerkamp
Ben Wang
Caroline Bowers
Cristy Barnes
Dan Gehant
Darcy Gamble
Deepti Patibandla
Ellen Long
Evan Herberts
Francie Maletis
Jason Banks
Jenn Shoup
Jennifer Kline
Julie Molise
Julie McEvilly
Katherine Heidel
Katie Rottier
Kelly Morehead
Liliana Perazich
Marc Bryman
Maria Lehmkuhl
Molly Kossow
Page Curtin
Paige Arata
Paige Parenti
Patricia Zahedani
Rebecca Emery
Sandra Ewers
Scott Marshall
Suneeta Chilukuri
Teresa Kwon
Tim Burks
Todd Rose
Veronica Kogler
Ward Bullard