How Your Dollars Make a Difference

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When we support the Foundation, we enable excellence in our schools.

For the 2021-2022 school year, we need to raise at least $1,750 for every student so that we may grant the district $3.7 million to help fund the following priorities:

1. Teachers and Professional Development. We support 28 additional best-in-class teachers and their professional development, which allows students to enjoy 15% smaller class sizes (compared to CA average) and more personal attention.  MPAEF also funds the long-term investment in hiring high quality teachers and supporting them with professional development to ensure the best learning experience possible for students.

2. Arts & Sciences. Credentialed specialists have been hired to give our children the best educational experience possible. We aim to spark their scientific thinking, help them express themselves through art, music, and the performing arts, and to explore new ideas in our stocked and staffed libraries.  At Hillview Middle School, MPAEF funding allows for 47 diverse elective choices for students.

3. Innovation & Technology. We look for new and better ways of doing things and support innovative projects, including design thinking workshops and a thoughtful use of technology in the classroom.  Students also have access to cutting-edge STEM programs in the classroom and at every school campus.  MPAEF has supported the leveraging of existing investments in technology and infrastructure such as Dreambox, Lexia, Altitude, Google Classroom, and many more.

4. Guidance & Wellness. We support the whole child, inside and out. MPAEF funding allows for 11 psychologists and counselors to provide a mental health safety net at every school.  

Here is what your children and the teachers experience in our district when we invest in education together:

“Thanks to Ms. Bennion, Oak Knoll’s librarian, each of my three sons loves to read. Her enthusiasm about books and stories, and her kind, welcoming spirit make students want to spend time in the library with her. She helps students find books that are interesting to them, and she encourages reading through little challenges and incentive programs she does throughout the year. My sons love the Books Come Alive event on Halloween. Ms. Bennion's summer reading program motivated my sons to read every day of summer in order to write enough book reports to be invited to her party in the library at the end of the school year.” —An Oak Knoll Parent

“Not only did my daughter use the skills gained in her mini-course immediately, she worked directly with teachers, parents, and staff volunteers who were passionate about sharing their expertise. Who knew Mr. Haug and Mr. Shack were such accomplished photographers?”—A Hillview Parent

“When my son started kindergarten at Encinal last year, he started coming home with stories of Karin Bloom, Encinal’s full-time counselor. Forget reporting on the odd playground fracas or complaining about his lunch that day, during family dinners Henry told us what Miss Bloom taught his class about Tibetan singing bowls, perseverance, and feelings thermometers. At one memorable meal, Henry had the entire table taking 10 mindful breaths. It was a very zen experience."—An Encinal Parent

“For me, it has been a joy watching the creative nature in my daughter be fostered by the care and curriculum in the Laurel Art Room. Monique Donecho brings each student into focus with her creative projects. She fosters in the students a feeling of "try it, see if it works". Monique clearly has a passion for her work both as a teacher and an artist. She draws on the energy of the kids to fine tune her curriculum. My daughter's projects hang in our home, and each day I am reminded about the learning happening in the colors and lines." —A Laurel Parent

"Percussion instruments are an integral part of the Orff classroom music program and for this, we are eternally grateful to the MPAEF and PTO for providing these special instruments for the children to experience ensemble playing and to learn and express themselves in music.” —Oak Knoll Music Teacher

“Contributions to both the PTO and MPAEF not only help fund my position as a credentialed school counselor at Laurel. but also help provide the necessary supplies and materials in my work with classes and students. Thanks to parent contributions, I am able to purchase evidence-based social-emotional learning programs such as Second Step to use in class lessons and small groups, as well as materials to supplement the Laurel Life Skills program which helps teach students the necessary skills to be a compassionate, responsible global citizen." —Laurel School Counselor