Community Donors


This list reflects Annual Campaign contributions from our Community members—including our generous teachers, staff, and administrators—from July 1, 2015 to February 26, 2016. 

$20,000 and up

Mary Ann and William Westfield

$10,001 to 20,000

G. Willard Miller Foundation
Howard and Betty White Foundation

$5,001 to $10,000

Julie Johnson Davis
Melanie and John Wagner

$1,001 to $5,000

Cogan Family Foundation
Catherine and James Koshland
The Wagstaff Family
Elizabeth and Bruce Dunlevie
Anne and John Gilchrist
Norman and Pat Baker

The Bertin Family Foundation
The Byers Family
The Byers Family
Peter and Rachel Dehn
Nikhil de Silva Family
Anonymous (2)

$500 to $1,000

Tina and Jeff Bird
David, Judy and Walter Sleeth
Patricia Lee and Steven Hoffmann
Patti Price
Peter and Jane Carpenter
Ruth Woodruff
Terri Bullock
Lucile & Eugene Spurlock
Mr and Mrs Charles McMichael
Diana & Freeman Ford

Barbara Epidendio
Chou Family
Cynthia and Paul Yock
Edward and Sharon Bullard
Marianne and Frank Walters
Nancy and Greg Serrurier
Penny & Greg Gallo
Susan & Pat Coan
Terry & Allan Thygesen
Anonymous (2)

Up to $499

Allan & Betsy Harris
Patricia and David Morehead
Cameron & Tito Bianchi
Jana & Bruce Huntley
Leigh C. Flesher
Lucius T. Hill
Anita & Bruce Ochieano
Betty & Robert Spiegelman
Diana & Bob Ekedahl
James R. Madison
The Fuerst Family
Sarah & John Whittle
William and Brigita Perazich
Gary Bulanti - Alain Pinel Realtors
Ann Yvonne Walker & David M. Jones
Barbara and Charles Preuss
Barbara Sommer and Alan Fisher
Candace Hathaway and Chuck Bernstein
Florine & John Galen
Grace & Steve Zales
Jean & Richard Duda

John R. & Ellen R. Goheen
Joy & Doug Uyeki
Jacob Richter's Grandparents
Loretta & Michael DuBois
Nancy & Bill Ellsworth
Patricia O'Neill
Penny Stroud & Rick Pam
David D Oakes MD
Susan Sweitzer
Andrea Julian
Beth and Glenn Fishback
Elizabeth & Daniel Haynes
Jo Ann Arneson
Maria and John Thomas
Sandra and Roger Horwitz
Teri Murphy and Greg Costanzo
Christina & Jeremy Wire
Ann & Peter Gregory
the Donecho Family
Anonymous (3)

Teachers, Staff, and Administrators

Christina Holmes
Susan Sanchez
Denise Healy
Heidi & John Veneman
Jeff Mead
Elizabeth Wood
Georgia Walton
Jacqueline and John Fuller
Jane Bennion
Sheila Warren
Susan & Brad Hogan
Alison & Mark Howard
Cheryl & Paul Marelich

Christine Atkinson
Emily & Joshua Chiet
Heiko Ritter
Maribeth & Joe Andolina
Andrea Boatright
Caryl Brewbaker
Julia Williams
Julie Willard Hilborn
Courtney Maury
Teagan Lazzarotti
Lois Nissman




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