Parent Donor Roll 2016-17

Parent Campaign Donor Roll 2016-17

The Menlo Park-Atherton Education Foundation parent volunteers would like to thank the school district families who participated in our Annual Parent Campaign for 2016-17.

Every gift made a difference for our students and enabled the school district to provide a comprehensive education for every student. Thank you.

This donor roll reflects Parent Campaign gifts received June 30, 2017. Endowment gifts are recognized on the Endowment Donor Roll.

Families requesting to be anonymous are not named on this list.

Questions? Please email us. 

Community Pillars

Giving $50,000 and Above


Lisette Derouaux and Jeffrey Weiner

Sheryl Sandberg



Philanthropic Leaders

Giving $25,000 to $49,000


The Buckley Family

The Griffith Family

James Reese and Susannah Bernhart

Jennifer and Brian Roberts



Philanthropic Leaders

Giving $15,000 to $24,999


Katie and Rob Bentley

Mike Callahan and Dana Weintraub

Carey and Jamie D'Alessandro

Jill and John Kispert

Ann Miura-Ko and Albert Ko

The Mrva Family

Kathy & Angelo Orciuoli

The Paldus-Farmwald Family

Kateryna Polyakova and Maxym Polyakov

Jennifer and Nathaniel Schindler

Jennifer and Ryan Sweeney

The Thangaraj Family

Melanie and John Wagner



Philanthropic Leaders

Giving $10,000 to $14,999



Marieke and David Arizini

Lloyd and Christine Bakan

Dr. Sean Bohen and Tanum Davis Bohen

Aarti and Asheem Chandna

Stephanie and Sherwin Chen

Phil Deutch and Marne Levine

Cynthia Dy and Ignacio Salceda

Alka Gupta and Sharad Rastogi

The Hessler-Sunwoo Family

The Jabal Family

Molly and J.J. Kardwell

Brenda and Omar Kinaan

Jon and Molly Kossow

Lyla Kuriyan and Rory McInerney

Jennifer and Brian Levey

Nancy Lieberman and Keith Flaum

Linda and Jack MacDonald

Alison and Michael Matthews

The Parenti Family

Gina and Jess Parks

The Potischman Family

The Randall Family

Michelle Rhyu and Stephen Neal

Blythe and Bob Rider

The Saenz Family

David and Sarah Santoro

Silvia and Kristian Segerstrale

Gina and Chad Skinner

The Swanson Family

Pyeatt and Bryan Taylor

Stephanie and Andrew Thomases

Thornborrow Family

The Wandless and Cimprich Family

Robyn and Jason Wheeler

Ninette and Jim Wong



Philanthropic Leaders

Giving $6,000 to $9,999


Anonymous (2)

Ashley and PJ Honerkamp

Dimitra and Jevan Anderson

John and LInda Knoll

Tricia Barr and Anders Tjernlund

The Kourakin Family

Jennifer and Nicholas Bartle

Julie Lee and Joonsuk Bae

Greg and Natalia Bettencourt

The Leslie Family Foundation

The Bohmann Farrell Family

Gregg and Julie Letsinger

Kathryn Bojack and Ravi Mhatre

Nate and Rosie Lipscomb

The Bowers Family

Sara and Jason Maas

Brent and Sonya Brown

John and Frances Maletis

Chris and Jenny Buddin

The Mathenia Family

Claire and Tim Burks

Domonique and Grant Matthews

Albert and Cheryl Cheng

Cassidy Morgan and Courtney O'Donnell Family

Grace Cheng and David Rahn

Tracy Morris and Chris DeCardy

Sasha and Alex Chriss

The O'Malley Family

Richard and Julie Cline

The Overby Family

The Coolican Family

Laura and Ben Paul

The Courson Family

Emily Record and Rafael Torres

Richard and Julia Dunn

Amy and Mike Redell-Evans

Chantal and Robert Ferrini

The Reinhold Family

Scott Frewing and Charlotte Drew

The Roman Family

Suzanne Gallie and Mark Mitchell

Nathalie and Tyler Strand

Molly and Ned Gibbons

Peter and Jennifer Tanner

The Gilat Family

Mark and Karen van der Pyl

The Golbon Family

Pami Vyas and Neel Patel

Jared and Julie Gosler

Bruce Watrous Jr and Corry Watrous

Laura and James Hale

The Wellington Family

Amy Hinckley and Joshua Olson




Philanthropic Donors

Giving Above $1,500 per Child up to $5,999 Total


Anonymous (13)

Jennie and Craig Lang

The Alison Family

Lisa Langer and Dan K. Siegel

Cristina Alvira and Thomas Philbrick

The Lanier Family

Anne and Nathan Anderson

The Lazarev Family

Paige and Tony Arata

Sheree Lee and Yeong-Ping Koh

In honor of Brooke, and Ethan Armer

Clarissa and Roger Lee

Sal Arora and Priti Khare

The Leschly Family

Lisa Avestedt and Dennis Nordlund

Meghan and Andrew Levin

The Bain Family

Angie Lin and Brandon Knitter

Joanne Bal

Jacqueline Quintanilla-lin and Albert Lin

The Banks Family

Ariane and Dan Lindblom

Oscar and Shelley Baranchuk

Nizan and Shay Litvak

Susan and James Barker

Berenike and Heiner Litz

John and Cristy Barnes

Ellen and Mark Long

The Barnikel Family

Adrian Longland

The Battles Family

Doug and Selia Lucas

Amy and Tucker Beim

The Magliaro Family

Melissa Berhow and Logan Bentley

The Mandelstam Family

Teri and Walt Bettinger

Gauri Manglik and Rahul Roy-Chowdhury

Jennifer Birk

The Marshall Family

Alexis and Staffan Bjorlin

Betsy and Steve McBride

Diana and Scott Blum

Blake and Adrienne McCallister

Kelly and Julianne Blythe

Richard McDougall

Ueyn and Jen Block

The McGrath-Edwards Family

Jordan and Leanne Breckenridge

Alan Miller

Krista and Darby Brennan

The Miller/Bryman Family

Courtney Brigham and Darren Ewaniuk

Jennifer and Steve Miller

John and Bridget Brown

Shannon and Kevin Miller

The Bullard Family

Devra and Wolfgang Moehler

Steve Cadigan

The Moeller Family

Lori Callaghan and David Andeen

John and Julia Molise

Gwendolyn Campbell

The Montulli Family

The Casper Family

The Morales Family

Ralph and Angela Castro

Reed and Aleena Moulds

Kathleen Cattani and Mark Gallagher

Betsy and John Muhlner

Patricia Champfailly and Emilio Ghilardi

David and Kimberly Mullarkey

Dennis and Nancy Chan

Jennifer Murray and Stewart Grierson

Ron and Kate Chang

The Haarmann Family

Allison and Clint Chao

Ho Nam and Mary-Ragan Macgill

The Charrette Family

The Nasr Family

Iris Choi and Anton Hanebrink

The Nada Family

Sally Cole

Ed and Robin Newman

Sarah and Ryan Collins

The Nootbaar Family

The Connors Family

Rebecca O'Brien and Dev Datta

Lisa and Andrew Cope

Michelle and Art Olsen-Elola

Kathy Coulbourn and Adam Kerr

Jessica and Louis Olson

Cameron Craig and Danielle Hayes

Tony and Amanda Pandjiris

Nick and Linda Creighton

The Parekh Family

Shaun and Teresa Curtis

Sagar and Anjali Patel

The Cutcliffe Family

Bill and Jodi Patzer

Jennifer Dahmus and Justin Murphy

The Paye Venuto Family

The de la Vega Family

Julie and Derek Pecson

Melissa and David Deitchman

Ana Pedros And Hugo Carvalho

The Dempsey Family

The Pejakovic Batinic family

The Depeyrot Family

The Perazich Family

Joyce Dickerson

The Perkovic Family

The Diedrich Family

Elizabeth Peters and Jon Sakoda

Leslie and Doug Dietz

Charlotte and Jason Pfannenstiel

The Djafari Family

Matt and Alison Poirier

Iona Szkurnik do Rio and Marcelo do Rio Faria

Kelsey Porter and Derrik Shirley

John Donald and Elaine Hammond

Houda Triki Rahim And Rami Rahim

The Drazan Family

Anne and Rob Romero

Mark and Kim Drury

Shukushu and Todd Rosenthal

The du Lac family

Michael and Carrie Rothstein

Jennifer and Philip Durden

Andrew and Mary Rozelle

Hillary and Eric Easom

The Ruiz Family (Noemmy and Eduardo)

The Eckert Family

Tamara Russel and Steven Wastie

Richard and Lindsay Ehrman

Renee and Charlie Ryan

The Eiref Family

Dessie and Saied Sadrzadeh

Tarek and Aimee El-Sawy

The Sano Family

The Ewers Family

Jennifer and Michael Santoro

Michele Fabrega

The Scheel Family

The Faruqi Family

Charles and Brenda Schembri

The Filipek Family

Herb and Eunice Schneider

The Fless Family

Deanna and James Schroder

Sonya and Galen Fletcher

Christiane Marie and Mathias Schulz

Casey and Jennifer Franko

Keoni and Stephanie Schwartz

The Friedman Family

Kristin Seuell and John Williams

Colby and Todd Frye

Roopa and Sunil Shah

Nate Gallon and Nam Cho

The Shanker Family

Mayura and Jay Garg

The Shivakumar family

Kim Garlinghouse and Eliott Jones

Jennifer and Michael Shoup Household

Meg Garlinghouse

Krista and Dan Skehan

Daniel and Kimberly Gehant

The Smarandoiu Family

Marc and Christine Gemassmer

Carolyn Smith aand Steve Shaw

Doug, Peggy, and Charlie Gielow

Scott Soltys and Clara Choi

Ashley Giesler

Pete and Diane Sonsini

Jessica and John Gilmartin

Mary and Mike Speiser

Katherine Glass and P.J. Linarducci

Trisha and Viktor Spivakovsky

The Glebov Family

Tenley Stephenson and John Pimentel

Lata and Vab Goel

The Stones

Jennifer and Jeffrey Goldberg

Alex and Tamara Striffler-Hernandez

Paula Da Cruz Griffin and Gerard Griffin

Adriana Telias and Diego Rother

The Griggs Family

Ahmad and Reena Thomas

Mary and John Grundy

Claire and Bill Thompson

Lisa and Andrew Guevara

Theanne and Kirt Thomson

Joni and Vik Gupta

Indu and Ashish Tiwari

Roshni Gurung and Amit Chaturvedy

The Tokic Family

Ali and Jinous Habibi

The Tompkins Family

Nicholas Halsey

Minna and Jeffrey Tong

Lisa, Andy, and Cole Hammann

The Toub Family

The Hammond Family

The Towery Family

The Hanif Family

The Toyos Family

Anjali and Richard Hanley

The Travers Family

Kaaren Hanson and Joseph Grass

Rob and Jill Ultan

Amy and Matt Heinz

Ed Vail and Lydia Lee

Evan and Curt Herberts

The Van Everen Family

Michelle and Andrew Ho

The Venkatesh Family

The Hochstetler Family

Shobha Venkateswaran and Siddharth Ram

Cyndy and Joe Hogan

Smruti Vidwans and Rohit Khare

The Holak Family

Karen and Art Wang

Rachael and John Horn

Rafik and Jacqueline Ward

Ross and Liz Hove

Tracy and Mark Watt

Birong Kate Hu and Feng Deng

The Weintz Familyu

Serene and Yitai Hu

The Welsh Family

Katie and Olav Junttila

Katherine and Stuart West

Steven and Meredith Kan

Melody and Brett Westervelt

The Karpen Family

The Wetzel Family

The Kaval Family

Joe and Carolina Whitty

The Keane Family

Lori and Doug Willbanks

The Kerst Family

Bryan and Janne Wise

Ahad Khan and Fatima Saqib

The Witeck Family

Maya Khaneboubi and Jarek Wilkiewicz

The Wolosin Family

The Kindler Family

Stacey Wueste and Joe Davis

The Kingsley Family

Jill Rutan Wurster and Rick Wurster

Mindy and John Kirkpatrick

Veronica Yank and Philip Grant

James and Sandra Knox

Brian Yick and Robin Laws

Usha and Kiran Kodali

Suzanne and Adam Yonkers

The Kwan Family

KJ Yoo and Samir Mehta

Teresa and Eric Kwon

Cathy Yu and Jonathan Tang

Lisa Laane and Josh Behnke

Samuel Yu

The Lacy/Berkes Family

Maria Yuin and Allan Chan

Sarah Lane and David Yates

The Zehnder family


Stacie and Gerard Zell




Foundation Donors

$1,500 per Child up to $5,999 Total


Anonymous (20)

The Lipman Family

Erin Abood and Elias Fayad

The Liu Family

Dave Jones and Leslie Abrams

The Lock Family

The Agustin Family

Audra and Rick Loftman

Alex Alburger

The Loftus Family

Lindsey and Greg Alden

Scott and Lisa Lohmann

The Altman Family

Adrienne and Paul Lomangino

The Andersen Family (Elizabeth and Dan)

Patricia Lopez-Jaramillo and Thomas Jaramillo

The Appleby Family

Ilissa and Dan Louth

Andrea and Jason Auerbach

Jeanne and Dave Lowell

The Avrach Family

April Lynch and Colin Johnson

In honor of Arman and Taraneh Azadpour

The Madison Family

The Baker Family

Jeannette Madrid and Arthur Madrid III

Scott and Alicia Baker

Neal Margulis and Fran Compagno

The Ball Family

Deborah and Christopher Martin

The Bates Family

The Massaband Family

Holly and Mark Baudler

May and Ron Matsui

John and Dana Beausang

Brandon and Ian Mattal

The Begovic Family

Jeanne and Ted McCann

Cyrus and Katie Behroozi

Janelle and Jeff McCombs

Ariana Beil and Rob van Es

Lily and Charlotte McKeithan

Christine Beirne and John Forte

Witney McKiernan and David Zwerin

Barrie and Ron Bell

David and Tracey McLaughlin

Matt and Eliza Bennitt

Alex McNiece and Peter Kingsley

Dolores Bernardo and Victor Vuchic

Jonathan and Meredith Meeks

Megan and Jeff Bernstein

Archna and Paaras Mehta

Rashmi Bhandari and Sandeep Parekh

Mariet Mentaal and Thomas Jensen

Priya Bhusri and Peter Haggie

Kevin and Casey Miller

The Binghams

Robyn and Keith Miller

Corey Binns and Bjorn Carey

Yuriko Minn and Steve McKenna

The Birkeland Family

Laura and Andy Missan

Sally and Steven Black

Ayumi and Bob Miyahara

The Blanco-Morton Family

Parissa and Houman Modarres

The Blom Hansen Family

The Moffitt family

Alan and Jodie Bogomilsky

Amy and Bill Moore

The Bould Family

The Morallans

The Briggs Patrick Family

Kathy and Moe Motamedi

John and Kathryn Brottem

Karen Myers and Robert Hall

Heather Buch

Marina and Steve Nagy

The Buchanan Family

Ramzi Nahas

Abbie and Ken Buck

Anne-Marie and Giovanni Napolitano

Erik and Alisa Burmeister

The Narayan Family

Sharon and Stephen Burns

Jen and Larry Nelson

Kimberly Cadieux and Marc Cadieux

Rohini Nerella

Barbara Cadigan

Rick Novak

Krissy and Jeremy Caldwell

Peter and Julie Ohtaki

Kristi and Jonathan Cannon

The Okamura Family

The Carlisle Family

Avery and Marc Olesen

Tim and Tracy Carlson

The Olsen Family

Jen and Eduardo Carneiro

Katia Orlovskaya and Victor Orlovskiy

The Castagna Family

Claudiu and Diana Oros

Christine Chan and Bryant Lin

Anas Osman and Suzan Halabi

Cate and Eric Chang

Amanda Packel and Gus Araya

Emily and Norman Chang

Samira Parekh Jones

Fuchiang and Kai Chen

Shilpa Parikh

The Choe Family

Jenna and Chris Parker

Rakesh Chopra and Michelle Mello

Scott Paterson/Elle Chan

The Chopra Family

Alicia Payton and Jennifer Hayes

Shahzad and Farha Chowdry

Laurent Pellet and Jelena Jovanov

Phuoc Hanh Chu and Bich Cau Le

Suzanne and Bob Pellican

The Chung Family

Allison and Tony Pereur

Steve and Tricia Clark

Denise and Nic Persson

Tom and Christie Connaghan

Jenna and Christopher Pfaff

Curtis Conroy

The Phelan Family

Marianne Cooper and Scott Saywell

The Phillips Family

Alexia and Nick Costouros

The Pickett Family

The Cronin Family

Beth & Brook Porter

The Curtin Family

Janet Poses and Liam Goudge

Catherine and Michael Dacey

Krista and Bruce Potvin

Xuguang Dai and Ming Xu

The Powell Thompson Family

Richard Dalili

Analisa Pratt and Christopher Harris

Maria Daltayanni and Panagiotis Papadimitriou

Charles and Maritere Preuss

The Damji Family

Sharon and Ted Purcell

Valerie and Brian Danielewicz

Mike and Renee Pyle

The Davidzon Family

Tiffaney and Reynaldo Quintana

Katie and Andrew Davis

The Rasmussen Family

The Nikhil de Silva Family

Anil Rao and Nagarani Chandika

The Dekshenieks Family

James and Tracey Rauen

The Dell'Immagine / Lewis Family

The Reif Family

Maike Denecke-Wittern and Felix Wittern

Abudureyimu Rexidan and Vineet Sharma

The Dobbyn Family

Jane Rhee and Joseph La Cava

Darrell and Tanya Dodge

Kari and Lance Riedel

Erin and Adam Dolinko

Emily and Dirk Robinson

The Dongilis

Katherine Robinson and Todd Rose

Sergey and Anna Edunov

The Roeder Family

Jay and Rebecca Emery

Jenny Roost and Mike Rothenberg

The Ericksen-Palacios Family

Ellen and Michael Rose

Paul Espinosa and Sandy Yujuico

Sara and Mike Rosenthal

Carolyn Fairman and Joshua Zucker

Katie and Peter Rottier

The Falk Family

The Rudella Family

The Fann Family

The Ruiz Family (Frances and Jonas)

Nana and Huy Do

Abhi Sachdev and Aarti Gupta

The Fehrenbach Family

Kristina and John Sakamoto

Sherrie and Jeff Feinstein

Sara and Stephen Salmon

The Feodorov Family

The Sanie Family

Harvey and Deborah Fishman

Kumar Saurabh and Clara Resurreccion

The Flock-Healey Family

Brian and Anne Schar

The Follmers

The Scherer Family

The Fong Family

Trevor and Sharon Schick

Kathleen Forcier and Christopher Koranda

Lisa and Jens Schmidt

Rebecca and Michael Freedman

The Schmitz Family

Scott Furman and Susan Robinson

Kate and Jed Scolnick

Sarah and Edward Gaeta

Laurie and Chris Scott

Jennifer and Garrett Gafke

The Segal/Westfall Family

The Gershfield Family

Cecile and Ryad Semichi

The Ghosh Family

Bret and Christine Sewell

The Gibbs Family

Lalit Shahani and Veneta Kanelakos

Jean-Charles and Suzanne Giomi

The Sharp Family

Team Gleitsman

Sarah and Charles Shenk

The Glinder Family

The Shoberg Family

The Glotzbachs

Lisl Shoda and Brian Watkins

Andrea and Steve Goddard

The Sid Family

Greg and Stacy Goldman

Gitanjali Singh and Siddharth Sinha

The Gong Family

Shirli and Sanjeev Singh

Loren Gruner and Gustavo Eydelsteyn

Sarah and Jason Sobel

Radek Grzeszczuk and Kasia Mordec

Joyce Song and Alexander Key

Sarah and Jung Ha

The Spieker Family

Eric and Kristin Hansen

Jonathan and Brandy Spier

Kara and Shawn Hardin

The St. Clair Family

Brian and Vasey Hargreaves

The Staroswiecki Family

Diana and Mike Haven

Matt Stewart and Christy Stewart

The Parents of Bruno and Paloma Hawley Szollar

Karin and Andreas Stinnes

Nancy and John Hedley

Brad And Hongran Stone

Denise and Steve Henry

The Swartzberg-Cadapan Family

The Herzog Family

The Swope Family

The Heysse Family

The Tadakamalla family

The Higgins Family

The Takayama Family

Jonay and Charles Hill

Claudia and Michael Tedesco

Judith Holiber and Kim Warsaw

The Telles Family

Anne M. Holmes

Sarah and David Thayer

James and Julia Hong

The Thomas Family

Ari Horie and Danny Jiang

Romin Thomson and Patricia Zahedani

Ilan and Wendy Hornstein

The Tomkins Family

The Hou Family

Sandra Toms and Steve LaPedis

The Hsieh Family

Christine and Steven Tonsfeldt

Daniel Hsu and Reshma Shah

George Ugras and Susan Axelrod

The Hubly Family

Marie-Pierre Ulloa and Remmelt Pit

Ashley Hunter

Tracy Uyeki and John Van Stralen

The Hutchinson Family

Sara Vaerlander and Niclas Winterstorm

The Jensen Family

Nina and Louis Villalba

The Jespersen/Yonemitsu Family

The Vogt Family

The Jhawar Family

Cheri Voisine and Alex Ruth

Thea and Scott Johnson

Greg and Danielle Vontz

The Johnstone Family

The Wagstaff Family

Stacey and Matthew Jones

Annie Wang and Robert Riney

Grace Juan and Samuel Yang

The Wang Family

Miya Kang and Justin Ko

The Wargo Family

Takashi and Ayano Kato

Caryn Wasserstein

The Katz Family

The Watson Family

Angela and Matthew Kenny

Tim and April Watson

Amy Kiefer and Marius Eriksen

Laura and Nick Webb

Briarly and Bjorn Kilburn

Andrew and Linda Wee

Heejin Kim and Byoungsok Jung

Tommy and Iram Weiser

Jeff and Emily King

The Weiss Family

Nanaka and Neil King

Nan and Scott Weitzman

Veronica and Kevin Kogler

John and Christa West

Amy Traum and Neil Koren

Anna and Joachim Wettermark

The Kroh Family

Gabrielle Whelan

The Kryger Family

Leigh and Ryan Williams

The Kuhns Family

Todd and Erin Wilms

Amy & Timothy Kunihiro

Kristen and Matt Wilsey

The Lam family

Leah and Dan Wilson

Brian Lanier and Sam Bacic

Matt and Shelley Winters

Amelia Lasser and Joshua Stafford

The Wise-Faberowski Family

Ken Leeder and Daphne Won

Isabell and Gerhard Wolf

Alexandra and Andres Lebensohn

The Wolf Family

Andrew and Jen Lee

Erick and Elise Wong

Anna Lee and Phil Nguyen

Kristl and Henry Wong

The Lee Hwang Family

The Wood Family

In Lee and Nayoung Suh

Aaron Woolsey and Shanthi Kappagoda

Lawrence Lee and Bin Hu

David and Lori Wright

Prescott and Karen Lee

Shawnee and Nasser Yassa

The Lehmkuhl Family

Ming Yeh and Sherman Chu

Haiqiong Li and Yi Xu

The Yeh Family

Jia Li and Lin Liu

Andrew and Noel Young

Manfred Auer and Michaela LIedtke

Juan Yu and Feng Lin

Tina Lin and B.D. Goel

The Zagat Family

The Linse Family

Miranda Zhai and Laurence Gonsalves


The Zohar Family



Supporting Donors

Giving $5 to $1,4999 per Child up to $5,999 Total


Anonymous (57)

The Klassen Family

Michael and Thomas Aaron

Anders and Meredith Klemmer

The Abdella Family

George and Jennifer Kline

Fred and Natalie Adam

The Kline Family

Sepideh and Ramtin Agah

The Koenig Family

Kate Ague

Jennifer Kollmann

Lizbeth and Norberto Aguilar

Ryan Koppelman and Susana Benavidez

Jennifer Sollman Allen

The Kraemer Family

Johanna Alm and Tero-Pekka Alastalo

Ellen and Robert Kraska

Natalia and Bella Alvarez

The Kriebel-Parisi Family

Rafat Alvi and Mira Marjanovic

Wendy and Eric Kuhnen

Meital Amzallag

Liliana and Tobias Kunze Briseno

The Anderson Family (Sherri and Lance)

The Lafayette Family

Doris Anderson

The Lain Family

The Annison Family

Valerie Laird

Alvina and Ramy Antar

Patrick Lam and Kelly Shiozaki

The Arnberg Family

Laura Lane and Lyndon Wong

The Arredondo Family

Alma Lara and Eduardo Castillo

The Ashe Family

Kevin Lee

Todd and Kerri Atkins

Cuc and Brian Lee

The Auslander Family

Kealailani and Peter Lee

The Aylaian Family

Elizabeth Harris Lefever

The Bache Family

Susan and Louis Leon

Karen and Skip Bacon

Joanne and Vernel Leslie

Marianne and Paul Badawi

Michael and Janna Lewis

Rika Bajra and Joseph Chou

Lila and Karl Liebat

Bikramjit Bajwa and Antonia Lane

Karen and Adam Lin

The Baker Family

Heidi and Gary Lindsay

Rachel Modena Barasch and Larry Barasch

Phillip Lipscy and Rie Kijima

Brandee Barker and Neal George

Victoria and George Livingston

The Barnett Family

Jennifer Lombardi

Scott and Jessica Baron

Sarah and Don Loonam

Martin Barth and Betsy Campbell Barth

Claudia and Tony Lopez

Yajaira Beckles

The Lucianovic Family

Atosa Behzadi and Amin Ahmadi

The Luna Family

The Bekaert Family

Kimberly and Carl Lytikainen

The Belardo Family

Deisy Madriz and Jaime Farias

The Belich-Dolan Family

The Maeda Family

Janet Bellantoni and Greg Klingsporn

Suzette and Phillip Maile

Sabrina and Jonathan Benassaya

Alma Maldonado and Frank Bautista

Pamela Benson and Pablo Garcia

The Manninen Family

Judith and Pascal Bensoussan

The Maravilla Family

The Bernadicou Family

Stephanie and David Marcus

The Bertozzi Family

Paul and Michelle Marini

Adelaide Bianchi and Michael Albano

Carmen Marquez and Rogelio Estrada

Elisa Angelo-Bigazzi & Davide Bigazzi

The Martins

The Bissell Family

The Martinez-Fernandez Family

Geoffrey Blanford And Anja Brau

Meghan and Emiliano Martinez

Alyssa and Robert Blau

Siobhan and Dan Masteller

Hannah Blunt

Vikrant Mathur and Pooja Kohli

Jessica Boffa and Goncalo Trigo Cabrita Gil

The Matin Family

Jennifer and Elliott Boggs

The Matta Family

The Bonilla Family

Chantal Maussenet and Jerry McCreary

The Boutry Family

The Mazzara Family

Kristin and Shawn Boye

The McBride Family

Anna and David Bragg

Ana and David McDevitt

Emily Brandon and Peter Anthony

Diane McGrath and Vincent Toolan

Maia and Leonard Bromberg

Denise McGuire

The Brown Family

Thomas McKay and Lynn Tanner

Tina and Michael Brown

The Melcher Family

Bob Buch

Noemy and Nestor Menjivar

Donna and Carter Busse

Sydney Merk and Mark Reoutt

Heidi Burbage and Colman Murphy

Yuko Mikami and Jamie Karp

The Burns Family

Christine Miller and Ali Foughi

Aileen and Alex Burrows

Gayane Mirzoyan and Mikayel Muradyan

The Butler Family

Avanish Mishra and Anjana Pursnani

Maria and Manuel Caceres

Mark and Lisa Mitchell

The Cai Family

The Mitra Family

Ted and Ashley Callahan

Gail and Stuart Mohr

Karla and Drew Camens

Heidi and Sean Monahan

The Campbell Family

The Montoya Family

Sandra Carmona and Gerardo Ocampo

Michael and Amy Moody

The Carpenter Family

The Mosso Family

Monica and John Casey

Sarita Motipara and Shasank Chavan

The Cebrian Family

Sean and Tricia Mulcahy

Lauren Centoni and Kristyan D'Angelo

Gabriela Murillo and Vicente Ruiz

Eduardo and Valeria Chalian

Ruchi and Sid Murlidhar

Stacey Chau and Oi Ho

Angharad and Martin Musladin

Sandy and Leon Chen

Pamela and Peter Musladin

Benjamin and Lisa Cheung

The Nandal Family

Laura Chicurel

Brian and Amy Nelson

The Chien Family

Catherine and David Nelson

In honor of Rohan and Ria Chougule

Julie and JP Nelson

Molly and Justin Christensen

Anh-Hoa and Kim-Son Nguyen

Monica and Paul Chua

Manthi Nguyen and James Eakin

Lillian and Wilson Chung

The Norcross Family

Jessica and Tyson Clark

Ingrid Ofte and Anders Borgland

The Clarke-Weekes Family

In honor of Dana Olivares

Veronica Clementi and Marco Rizzi

The OIson Kids

The Cobos Family

The Olson Family

The Cohen Family

Taylor and Mark Olson

Patrick Cole

The Oprandy-Weiss Family

The Costa/Richardson family

Eugenia Orlova and Alexander Orlov

Mayra and Tom Cramer

The Pagee Family

Olivia and John Crawford

Emma and Raul Paniagua

The Curtis Family

Anne-Mari and Juho Parkkinen

Heather Daly

Erin and Anthony Paruszewski

Andrea and Brent Dance

Gregg Patner and Maria Ibarra-Patner

Rhiju and Millie Das

Susan and Jeff Patrick

Vanessa and Michael de la Cruz

Glory Memoh Pemamboh

Karen and Glenn Dearing

The Pence Family

The Deb Family

Lauren Perlov and Stephen Skirboll

Anne and Vincent Delafosse

The Philbin Family

Vittoria and Patrick Deloulay

Maryam and John Picard

Theresa DeMichele

Johanna Wallin-Pilette and Vincent Pilette

The Desai Family

The Pipers

Caroline and Olivier Devaux

The Pistorino Family

The DeWitt Family

Kevin Plottner and Elisabeth Wohofsky

Mark and Lindsay Dillon

Andrea and Erez Podoly

Geri and Mike Doran

The Preston Family

Ryan Downey and Hollie Crower

Ciricia Proulx

Bob Dreyer

Nancy and Devin Prouty

Lexy and Alan Eaton

Mike and Carrie Raab

Eric and Ann Edwards

Libby Raab

Bonnie and Jason Egnal

Maria Rea and Elmer Libunao

The Enerio Family

Jaime and Mireya Recendez

Terri Epidendio

Lea Redmond

Sefika and Baris Eris

The Reeder Family

The Espinal Family

The Reiter Family

Ryan and Hannah Essenburg

The Reynolds Family

Paul and Yuka Estrada

Susanna and Charles Ribaudo

Angela and Justin Evans

Deborah Rice

Alireza Farhoush and Johanna Woll

Douglas Rice

The Farouhar Family

Marlith Rios And Carol Tafur

Eloisa and Jose Fernandez

Jesusita and Joel Rivera

Katie & Rich Ferrick

Tim Rochte and Petra Fenzl

Maya and Reyad Fezzani

Michelle Roeding and John Yum

Karen and Adam Fingerman

The Roginski Family

Sydney Fisher and Guillaume Bienaime

Edris Rostami and Anahita Moghtaderdizaj

Linda Fishman

Heather Roth

Vivien and Andrew Fitzhugh

Daphne and Roger Royse

Matthew and Christina Foley

The Rutherford family

The Fong Family

Maggie and Tim Sanchez

Brooke and Adam Gorlick

Araceli and Esequiel Sandoval

The Fox/Brubacher family

Zoila Sandoval and Jose Mancia

Megan and Scott Freiermuth

Jim and Janell Sanford

Todd and Jenny Freiermuth

Nicole Scarborough

The Gamez-Alonso Family

Chris Scarborough

Melchor Gamez and Soledad Diaz

John and Deborah Schafer

Negin and Ray Gamini

Veronica Eguiluz-Schmidt and Steven Schmidt

Kathleen and Michael Gardner

The Schwaab Family

The Geller Family

The Schwartzman Family

The Genauer Family

Bob Scirpo

Neela Gentile

Kelly Scirpo

Yana and Tihomir Georgiev

Nicole and Michael Scott

Damien Gerard and Suneeta Krish

Stephanie Seeger

The Ghajar Family

Florencia and Eric Selvik

The Giacomozzi Family

Giovanna Senatore and Nicola Omodei

Zoe Gill and Rajat Gulati

The Seshadri Family

Lital Goldberger Raz and Ofir Goldberger

The Shannon Family

Adam and Mara Goldman

The Sharma Family (Deepak and Parul)

Jaime and Patricia Gonzalez

The Shen Family

The Goraly Family

The Shenker Family

Christine and Shane Goudey

Jim and Nancy Sherman

Heather Goudey

Brandon and Wendy Shriber

Kristen and Nick Gracia

Joanne and Jordan Smith

Monica and Robin Graham

Jessica Smith and Amitabh Handa

Tracy and Jason Gray

Pamela and Jared Sperli

Julia and James Green

Renee and David Spooner

Suzanne Gruber and Alexis Silver

Sucheta and Anand Srivastava

Feng Gu and Jin Xu

Jennifer and Josh Stern

Paul Gurnee and Jennifer Xie

Erin Stevenson and Tom Weeks

The Haimovich Family

The Stieglitzes

The Hairston Family

Matthew Strader and Rebecca Shugars

Matt and Lynda Halprin

Lisa Stromer

Jennifer Hamblin

The Sudhof family

Jill Hamor and Thomas Cecil

Yukari and Scott Sugiura

Sae-won Han and Soyoung Park

Elizabeth Sullivan

Xuefei Han and Hui Zhu

Nicholas and Susan Szegda

Michelle and Evan Harrison

The Szilardy Family

Elizabeth and Shaun Harris

Katie and Pasilio Tava

Rose and Rick Hartwig

Sal and Jennifer Tejada

Maria Heiss-Molina and Jaime Heiss

Miriam and Mark Thacker

The Helmers Family

The Thrasher Family

Lisa and Taylor Henricks

Noelle and Aaron Thurlow

Felipe Hernandez And Leticia Rios

Clement Tingley and Deborah Lawrence

Alba D. Hernandez Navarro and Juan J. Patino

Nadezhda Tiutvina and Dmitriy Stavisky

Yaneth Herrera and Miguel Mendez

The Tobin Family

The Hesse Family

Andrea Todd

The Hickingbotham Family

Greg Todd

The Family of Mason Hill

The Tom Family

The Family of Mason Hill

The Tomsen Budinger Family

Kim and Scott Hinshaw

The Torre Family

Jeriann and David Hirsch

The Trevor Family

Cindy Ho

Elizabeth Tse and Stefan Petry

The Ho Family

Jessy Tseng and Alex Lai

The Hofmann Family

The VSJ Fund

The Hoiberg Family

Judy and Sosaia Vaka

The Holman Family

Hendrik and Bernice van der Meer

Signe Holmbeck

Gil-li Vardi and Amir Goldberg

John and Katie Houston

Stephanie Vicca and Emmanuel Augustin

The Hower-Jacob Family

Madeleine and Anders Viden

The Hsy Family

Isobel Vincent and Kevin Sheehan

Min Hu

The Virag Family

Lisa Hwang and Tom Wehrmans

The Visser Family

Claudia and Luis Ibarra

Jill Vizas and Jeff Palmer

Matty Ibarra and Alejandro Pinon

Olivier Voute And Marjolein Bennik

Etienne and Sona Iliffe-moon

The Wagners

Kazutoh and Midori Ishida

Maryann and Christopher Adam Wall

Carina and Ole Iversen

The Wang Family

Angelika Jahreis and Harald Saueressig

Lela Ward and Kenneth Scheible

Aidelu Jaimes and Samuel Olvera

The Watkins Family

John and Sirarpi Jenkins

Brad and Kelly Weber

The Jones Family

Breena and Michael Wescott

The Jones Family

The West Family

Clement et Isabelle Jonquet

The Wheeler-Patel Family

Jim and Pam Joyce

Wendy Whitehouse and Robert Steinmetz

The Junkin-Pisani Family

The Wilber Family

Vidya and Stephen Kagan

The Wilson Family

Ted and Laya Kaigh

Frances and Jimmy Wong

Miles Keep and Chrissie Blair

The Wynne Family

Carol and Roland Kelly

Lina Xu and Guoqiang Zhou

Avani and Purvesh Khatri

Heidi and Hiro Yamada

Edwin and Elisa Khodabakchian

Leona and Challen Yee

The Kirkman Family

The Yob Family

Terence and Funda Kivran-Swaine

Liza Zassenhaus and David Lieberman

Margie and Jeff Klapper

Huiyu Zhang and Fei Zou


Vito and Ramie Macioce


Viktor Zykov and Daria Zykova